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Students in the JEC Lower School’s 3G-6G classes were joined by their sisters, mothers and grandmothers this past Motzei Shabbat as the school held a gala Mother-Daughter Melave Malka centering on the theme of chesed.

Attendance was robust as the beautifully decorated tables filled up, one after the other, despite the inclement weather.

“The feeling in the room was special and electric,” said Assistant Principal Mrs. Faigy Leiter, who spearheaded the effort in planning the evening along with the other Lower School Assistant Principal Dr. Goldie Grossman.

A student choir performed and guests enjoyed a delectable dairy buffet.

While the songs and remarks focused on chesed, the group embarked on a project to produce 45 custom fleece blankets to donate to Chai Lifeline.

Mothers and daughters worked together and “students left with a sense of accomplishment and pride in their school for the special evening and for what they did for Chai Lifeline,” said Mrs. Leiter.

Special thanks to Mrs. Chana Salomon, the JEC usical director, for preparing and accompanying the choir in their beautiful and inspiring performance.

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