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As Printed in the NJ Jewish Link

Students in the JEC Lower School joined millions of their peers from over 180 countries around the world in an Hour of Code. The initiative, run by, is aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of computer education in schools, and encourages schools to participate in various one-hour, grade-appropriate, computer-based tutorials.

“This is so cool,” exclaimed Sima Shifra Cohen, a student in the third grade, as she adjusted her headset.

Students were given the opportunity to select their tutorials, and choices ranged from music-based programs to building blocks, interactive games, customized adventures, web design, video reporting, art and animation.

“It’s an experience that extends the curriculum in new ways,” said Dr. Goldy Grossman, assistant principal. “It requires concentration, problem solving skills, forming hypotheses, trouble shooting—it’s really intensive intellectually and it is engaging as well. The kids love it!”

She added that the energy in the room was real, and infectious. “The expressions on the children’s faces were priceless,” she said. “There is nothing like the thrill of achievement.”

Fifth grader Ziv Ben-Baruch summed up his experience and enthusiastically offered, “The best part was that we got to use all of the parts in our brains to help us get to the next level.”

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