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It was a sea of pink across two campuses as the JEC’s Bruriah and RTMA divisions held “Pink Day” last week in an effort to raise awareness and funding for the fight against breast cancer, a disease that disproportionately affects Ashkenazic Jewish women.

Both divisions participated in educational modules about the disease, as well as tehillim sessions and Torah learning dedicated to the merit of women they know who are currently ill or who have tragically succumbed.

“It is important for us as young men to know about this disease as well,” said an RTMA junior. “Many of us know people who have been sick—mothers, grandmothers, aunts or family friends. And today we learned that it can even affect men.”

Bruriah also offered information sessions. “We showed our students a video about Sharsheret,” said Mrs. Aliza Blumenthal, Bruriah’s director of student life. “Our parents and student body should never need the organization, but the fact that this organization exists is a very special thing for us to know. And I think that our students can really learn a great deal from Rochelle (Shoretz, founder of Sharsheret), who took a tragedy and turned it into something really beautiful, that could help others. That continues even though, sadly, she passed away two years ago.”

Raffle tickets and assorted pink-colored baked goods were also sold as fundraisers for the effort in both divisions.

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