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The Young Israel of Staten Island recognized what it means to live AboveTheCode as it paid tribute to RTMA senior Jonathan Burack and honored him at their 50th Anniversary Dinner last night with the prestigious New Horizon’s Young Leadership award. “Our students always look for leadership and service opportunities,” said Rabbi Ami Neuman, principal of the Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy, who turned out for the event in support of his student.”

Max Greenberg, a classmate at RTMA and fellow congregant, agreed and said, “I cannot think of someone more deserving. Jonathan helps with Hatzalah, with food pantry and with the youth group. It’s about going over and beyond without having to be asked. That’s AboveTheCode.”

That mantra is being embraced by students and faculty alike throughout the division and it is paying off. “Jonathan is a shining star,” concluded Rabbi Neuman, “And he sets a true example of how we live #AboveTheCode.”

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