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Mother-Daughter fever hit a high pitch at Bruriah High School as students and faculty pulled an almost-all-nighter Thursday night with school-wide late night prep in advance of the annual keynote production. Everyone was involved in #MakingTheirMark and the building was buzzing with activity—from choir rehearsals to dance and stomp practices, and from line memorization to set decorating and the expert sewing of costumes. Girls and faculty alike were beaming from the activity and a surprise potato kugel and school wide dance extravaganza capped off an incredible evening of achdut, creativity and accomplishment—all features for which Bruriah is known.

“Our students are incredible,” enthused Bruriah Principal Rabbi Joseph Oratz. “Their creativity, energy and camaraderie is why we all love Bruriah. With so much going on in school and in life, everyone came together with joy and happiness to turn a 12-hour school-day into a remarkable experience. “

Rabbi Oratz’ sentiments were echoed less than a few hours later by an inspired student who wrote, “I really do see Bruriah as a second family and every ounce of hard work put in by faculty means a lot to me. I see the מסירת נפש faculty and administration come to school and do everything they possibly can to impact every single girl’s life in a positive way. Moments like tonight are what truly bring every member of the Bruriah family together. This was the perfect dose of simcha for Bruriah. I’m so thankful and privileged to be a part of all this.”

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