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The JEC Lower School has taken on the task of teaching middot and halacha through Torah Live, a multimedia platform that provides presentations on Judaism for adults and children.

“While Torah Live’s mission is to create high quality, cutting-edge multimedia presentations that communicate Jewish values in a non-preachy, well organized and energetic manner,” said JEC Judaic Studies Coordinator Rabbi David Pietruszka, “Our mission is to translate every good character trait, halacha and important hashkafa into the language of our generation.”

The videos provide a platform for engaging the students in areas of middot and halacha in a modern, innovative and engaging manner.

“Torah Live is a game changer in the field of Jewish education,” Rabbi Pietruszka continued. “The students relate to the videos in a way that they do not relate to formal education and it allows for conversations to happen in and out of the classroom.”

When questioned about their use of Torah Live, students in the fifth grade boys class clamored to respond enthusiastically and were quick to answer questions on hilchot Shabbat that they obviously absorbed in a meaningful and relevant manner, thus proving Rabbi Pietruszka’s claim.

“It’s been a great start and we hope to continue to expand the program in the future,” he said.

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