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From the moment they walked into school on Shushan Purim, students in the JEC Lower School knew that it was going to be an extra special day.

Faculty greeted them joyfully at morning drop-off, backed by upbeat Purim-themed music and extra holiday cheer.

The faculty dressed up in matching domino costumes while other staff and administrators wore a dizzying array of colors and patterns. Principal Rabbi Uzi Beer dressed up as Lego Man and drew excited shout-outs and high-fives from students of all ages as he walked through the hallways.

A carnival, complete with blow-up attractions, games, prizes and even snow-cones awaited students in the gym as classes took turns enjoying the festivities.

On Purim day, Rabbi Beer had graciously opened his home to students, who took advantage of the invitation in large numbers. Once there, they were treated to Purim goodies, singing and dancing; were gifted one dollar coins to give to a tzedakah of their choosing; and were given the opportunity to perform four brachot within four minutes. “It was amazing!” he enthused. “There was a steady stream of students for hours all through the day.”

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